Nov 7, 2010

October is Halloween/And you might be a beauty queen

I'm going to go ahead and make a quick but very heartfelt apology for the writing on this blog. I just reread some of it, and it's terrible. Thanks for not pointing that out. Please keep in mind while you're trying not to cry from it that all of it is written in the wee hours of the morning. I, also, admit, that, I'm, comma, happy.

4 Months Old-
Un-freaking-believable. She sits unassisted. She rolls over. She makes two of the strangest sounds anyone has ever heard. She grabs for things. She tries to eat the dogs. All in all, she's amazing. 25 1/4 inches long, 17 1/2 lbs which is 90-95% in height and *cough cough* the chart% in weight. Kid can eat.

So here's how it plays out:

 If you give her a slight angle, she will pull herself (with her ridiculous abs of steel) into a full sitting position, and can hold that for however long she wants. It's amazing to watch. She just pulls herself up to get her toy, grabs it, and plays with it like sitting up is no big deal at all. Like she could do it all along and just didn't feel like it.

When she was 3 months, 3 weeks old (ish...?) she was in her room on the tummy time mat, having some tummy time while we were in our (connected and only about 15 ft away) room. She started to cry, and when I went in there lo and behold she had rolled herself over. No problem. Thinking that Cliff was trying to make me jump up and down like an idiot for no cause, I didn't believe she had done it so I flipped her back over and waited. And she did it again, without batting a lash. Then we whipped out the cameras and got her third roll on camera for the world to see.

One day she started making this sound. I would describe it, but unfortunately its probably not a sound you've ever heard before so it would be futile for me to try to. It's a back of the throat, Darth Vader kind of sound that makes you stop for a moment and wonder if maybe she really is part dinosaur. Then last Friday night I went to work with her making just that sound (in addition to her other adorable baby noises) and when I came home she had discovered that she loves zurburts. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back, find some nick at night and watch The Cosby Show. Its also a raspberry. So know, ALL OF THE TIME that's what she does. She alternates between those two sounds. It's hysterical, and she knows it. She cracks up at her self when you laugh at her for it.

Everything is at risk of her grabbing it. The poor dogs are losing fur because she wants to pet (and eat) them. I honestly don't know who I feel worse for though. The dogs, for getting yanked at all the time, or us, because she lights up like a Christmas tree every time she sees one of them.

So the highlight of our month: Halloween. Every good parent's excuse to buy an adorable outfit and steal their kids candy. Cliff and I were bananas and June was a monkey. It was as awesome as it sounds. We went to the neighborhood that had good loot when Cliff was a kid and all of the 15 year old girls said that we were "like, the cutest things ever". Not to brag, but seriously, June was THE CUTEST THING EVER.

One more thing: I MADE HER LAUGH! It was freaking awesome. I was sitting there, holding her up on my knees "airplane" style bouncing her around, when all of the sudden she was not only smiling as wide as she could, she was laughing. Per usual, I cried.

Sorry about the title. It's from a poem I wrote who knows when and is the first thing that popped into my head.

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