Sep 25, 2010


It's amazing how when you're young, time seems to drag by while you're waiting to become an adult. When you're an adult, however, time seems to fly by.

Lets see, what hasn't happened recently?

In her dress, made by mommy!
First and foremost, our little girl is 3 months old. She's graduated from being a newborn and is officially an infant who's age is measured in months, not weeks. My mind keeps going back to our time in the hospital though, when she wasn't even three days old. I have a wonderful memory of her getting anxious, but calming down and falling asleep instantly when her dad started to reflexively stroke her forehead and nose.  That is the moment I go back to so many times a day when I look a her and see her so much bigger, but still so the same. She was, and is, so incredibly perfect.

So how much bigger is she? I weighed and measured her at home (she's easy to measure- just take her diaper off and she immediately does the biggest stretch anyone has ever seen) the other day, and she came in at a whopping 15.6 LBS, and 25 inches long, which translates to being 95% in weight, and 90% in height. With Cook and Wilson genes, we couldn't expect anything else!

 On top of all of that, June has decided that she really loves to talk to her daddy. Every night before bed, she sits on him and goes all out with conversation. The only (?) she will talk to like that is Mr. Sun, who is actually a yellow and pink flower that hangs from her carseat. If I could think of a way to accurately express my jealousy about this I would, but nothing good enough comes to mind.

She is also a fantastic supported sitter, and is advancing into sitting all alone! Her bumbo (the pink thing she is sitting in in her pictures) is our favorite thing so far because it lets her be completely upright without having to be held. It's not that we don't love holding her, its that she doesn't love us holding her. She would rather be on her own, doing her thing.

Do you have more?
Just shovel it in...
Speaking of Bumbo, she has starting eating that oh-so-tasty rice cereal in her favorite chair. Actually, eating isn't the right word for it. Engulfing is more accurate. I had to buy her a spoon that you put the rice into, and then squeeze right out because she started getting so upset when you took the spoon away to put more food on it. Cliff always thought I was a beast when it came to food, but she puts us both to shame.

What else...

Future Besties?

June had another playdate, but this time it was with even more of the Homewood babies! The baby count was 6, which isn't even close to how many babies there actually are. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more born since I started writing this update, actually... Anyways, we all enjoyed a fantastic afternoon at Grayson's home full of poopy diapers and spit-upped on floors.

Justin and Sis were so, so against this.
June also had her first trip to the lake, and in turn, her first boat ride! Cliff's late grandfather (We miss you, Papa C!) had a ridiculously beautiful house on Lay Lake which Cliff's mom takes care of now. She was nice enough to let all of us go down for the weekend, so we brought Justin's baby (his boat) and our fur-babies for a really nice get away. Justin was terrified to have June in the boat, thinking that the loud motor and choppy waves would upset Bug, but of course, our zen baby didn't bat a lash.

On a much sadder note, I got an awful email from Memo yesterday that Sophie passed away. I love my dogs so incredibly much, and can't imagine how much she must miss her sweet girl. Sophie was the sweetest puppy, and a part of the family. We are all going to miss her so much.

I think that takes care of it, so I'm off to bed. We love you all, sweet family.

One last, quick thing: Apparently June absolutely hates me singing to her.

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