Jul 11, 2010

The first of many...hopefully

Well, its 2:49 AM and everyone is asleep, which made me think that its the perfect time to start a blog. I have an awful fear that, like everyone says, we're going to wake up tomorrow and June is going to be going to college, so I'm going to try to start managing this little blog so that everyone, including me, can keep up.

As a recap...
June Monroe Wilson was born on June 17 at 4:35 in the afternoon, after a relatively short induced labor. Apparently, I wasn't really even supposed to be induced that day, but thankfully I never answer my phone or check my messages, so I had no idea that they had rescheduled our appointment. They felt obligated to admit us since we were already there, so we checked in to our huge birthing room and got ready for an amazing (and amazingly exhausting) day. My water was broken and the pitocin was administered around 8 AM, and then I got my epidural a few hours later after I was finally willing to admit that, yeah, this didn't feel too great. I dilated up to 5 centimeters quickly, but after a length of time with no change it was time to roll over (or be rolled over). Only a few minutes later I started feeling a kind of pressure that made me want to launch an "Adopt for your own good" campaign and as it turned out, that little roll was all June needed to get going. All of a sudden the room was ready, the stirrups were up, and Cliff and Shey, our nurse, were giving me the go-time faces. I realized, as did everyone else, that my epidural wasn't working quite the way it was supposed to when I noticed that "Why yes, I do feel that", and even in my only-clear-enough-to-scream state of mind I knew that everyone was trying to look overly calm as they called in a nurse to bring in lidocaine (NOW!)...But all in all, 30 minutes and one "Just grab her by her hair and pull her out!" comment later, June Monroe Wilson came into the world, sideways and holding her hand by her head at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20 inches long.

These 24 days  have been a crazy blur, and in one way it feels like all of that was years ago, and in another it feels like yesterday. We have been blessed with having an amazing little girl who has the most beautiful temperament. She is so alert and interested in everything! Nothing seems to phase her, including the puppies who want to constantly check on her with every sound she makes. At her one week appointment she had regained almost all of the weight that she lost in the hospital, putting her at 7 12.5, and at her two weeks she was 8 13. Like mom and dad, June can eat like a champ and is already putting away 3-4 oz every 3 hours. She lost the final bit of her cord at 14 days exactly, and has discovered that baths are about the greatest thing ever, which means that I finally have someone who can appreciate how great showers are with me. Her first trip to the dog park was at 3 days old, which I wish I could say that she loved, but it honestly probably didn't seem any different to her than home. What else...she's incredibly strong. She was picking and holding her head up the day she was born, and is getting progressively better at it every day. She sleeps with her hands up in the air by her head, which Grandma says is a sign of confidence. She already likes sleeping unswaddled, but when she is swaddled she loves it. Cliff actually ties her up like that, which makes her so cozy that she always instantly falls asleep. The other way that she loves to sleep is right on your chest. She could stay there forever, and I wish she would! She makes the best sounds, too...I think there is a possibility that she is part baby doll, and part dinosaur.

Alright...its  4:30, and she just ate and fell back asleep, so I'm going to take advantage of the next three (hopefully!) hours and close my eyes a bit....


Top Right: JMW- 2 days old
Top Left: JMW staring at daddy, 1 day old
Second Right: JMW a few minutes old
Second Left: JMW 3 days old, getting ready to go home!
Third Right: JMW's Nirvana album shot, somewhere around 5 days old
Third Left: JMW and Papa, 2 days old
Fourth Right: JMW and Papa C, 4 days old. We're always going to make sure she knows what an amazing great-grandpa she had.
Bottom Center: JMW 24 days old, passed out on her daddy's chest.

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