Jul 30, 2010

3 AM is a fast friend

Tummy time at 5 AM? Absolutely.
You never fully understand how amazing it is to sleep for more than 3 hours at night until you have a kid. The little naps that you get throughout the day are absolutely nothing in compared to even a halfway decent stretch during normal sleeping hours. That being said, our little... angel decided for a few days last week that not only is she nocturnal, but she doesn't really like sleeping at all. Ever. Period. The schedule I last mentioned went completely out the door that same night; she went to sleep at 5 AM that night, 3 AM the night after, and the next night she didn't sleep for an extended period at all. In fact, in the that last 24 hours I would say that she maybe has slept 6 hours, all of that being broken up in to very short naps. Thankfully, a few days after this little fiasco, she resumed a decent schedule for me, falling asleep by one or two and sleeping till noon or so the next day, only squirming awake to eat every 3ish hours. The next thing we're going to work on is the length of time she sleeps...someone that is eating as much as a 6 month old should be sleeping like a 6 month old, as far as I'm concerned.

Little Maggie and JuneBug
June has also had 2 play dates this month! Thankfully, I'm not the only one who has recently had a drink of the obviously tainted Homewood water, so babies and friends abound. Claire brought 6 month old Maggie over last week, and day before yesterday we went over to their place, along with Anna and Layla, Emily and Grayson, and Samantha and James. The ten of us sat around for a couple of hours exchanging horror stories and eating the cookies that were made for the bigger babies. Good times.

All of the pollution in Birmingham
does make for some epically
fantastic sunsets.
As for Cliff and I, we enjoyed a fantastic date night while June stayed at Gram's house. There is nothing quite like Surin and an amazing sunset to make you completely at peace with life. That little bit of peace might be out the window next month though, with school and work both re-entering the picture! Que the ominous music, please.

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